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Photovoltaic power generation system

Added on : 2015-04-30 06:56:04
Suppliers : LOGIN (Senegal)
Categories : Electricity, Lighting

at. Furnish the AC / DC output current. b. This system uses a microprocessor and an exclusive control algorithm to achieve intelligent control. c. There are several AC / DC output interfaces: 1) 1 DC 20V output 2) 1 DC 12V output 3) 1 DC output 9V 4) 1 DC output 3.3V 5) 4 USB output 5V 6) 2 AC output 220V d. Protection against overcharging, over-discharge, short-circuiting, anti-misbehavior of the storage battery connection and for the temperature compass. e. The digital LED display device can display in real time the battery voltage, the AC output voltage and the operating state of the system. f. It is charged by the solar module and also by the AC adapter. g. Convenient to install special media. h. The electricity generation can be 0.15 KWH under sunny conditions i. Energy consumption

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