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Ajouté le : 2015-10-26 22:59:28
Fournisseur : Zhejiang Chint Instrument & Me (Chine)
Catégories : Electricité, Alimentation ASI, Eclairage Electricité, Eclairage

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Smart Meter;Smart Terminal;Electronic DD701 Single-phase Electromechanical Watt-hour Meter

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General DD701 single-phase electromechanical watt-hour meter is manufactured by most advanced production technology from foreign or sin and our own experiences over than 10 years. High quality materials are adopted. The influences of error variations from shocking and impacting are eliminated due to the utilization of a special lock device. The meter is KEMA certified. Features Long service life with MTTF of 25 years. High-quality steel frame with negative electrophoresis treating on its surface High stable magnetic bearing and self-lubricating graphite bearing. The rotor shaft and worm is turned integrative to ensure proper mesh. Very small mutual influence among three adjustment points: full-load, slight-load and phase. Customers can adjust the meter easily for their own demands. Flat metrological characteristics curve and small variation against to voltage, frequency, temperature, and operating position. Good consistency for batch production. 3. Technical Data Applicable standard: IEC62053-11, IEC60521, IEC62052-11 Accuracy class: Class 2.0 Environment requirements Reference temperature: 23? Working temperature range:-25? to +55? Limit working temperature range:-40? to +70? Store and transportation limit temperature range: -40? to +70? Power loss Current circuit:?1VA Voltage circuit: ?1W(5VA) Outline dimension: L×M×H:178×120×119mm Installation dimension L×M: :152×106mm

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