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DDZY666 Single-phase Tariff Control Smart Meter

Ajouté le : 2015-10-27 23:28:22
Fournisseur : Zhejiang Chint Instrument & Me (Chine)
Electricité, Alimentation ASI, Eclairage Electricité, Eclairage

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DDZY666C single phase tariff control smart meter adopt LSI and digital-sampling technology and Was designed in comply with the requirements “informatization?automatization ?interaction” for smart grid network. It can realize time sharing charging, electric charge deduction, logout and power management and has function of disposing and displaying various input and output data, etc. This product is the ideal electric energy metering product applicable for reform in electric charging, increasing scientific management level of power distribution and utilization, facilitating rational electricity utilization and saving.

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Main functions and features It can measure forward and revers active ?mix active ?TOU energy with storing function. The mix active tagged word can be set. It can store last 12 settlement periods ’ historic power and store forward and revers active ?TOU energy data. Measure real-time voltage?current?power?power factor and present demand. Instant frozen?regular frozen?preset frozen?daytime preset frozen. Support load record function Two sets of price plans?time intervals, can be automatically switched at the appointed time. It can display after outage and can be awakened by button or infrared. It has infrared interface?RS485 interface In-turn display and key-display function of electric energy meter data: can realize parameter in-turn displayed parameters. The in-turn displayed parameters (max 99) and time can be preset. The order of the in-turn display of the parameters can be set arbitrarily and the electric energy meter can display data according to the preset key-display code content Real-time parameters monitor ?It can measure the voltage?current?active power?power factor. It can record the power off?events reset?data reset?timing?programme ectc. Main technical parameters Items Parameters Accuracy Active class 2.0 Voltage specification 220V Current specification 1.5(6)A?5(40)A?10(60)A?20(100)A Reference frequency 50Hz Specified voltage range 0.9Un?1.1Un Extended voltage range 0.8Un?1.15Un Limited voltage range 0Un?1.15Un Voltage circuit consumption Non-communication status ?1.5W and 10VA Communication status ?3W and 12VA Current circuit consumption ?1VA Data saving time ?10 years Clock accuracy ?0.5s/d?23?? Clock battery battery capacity?1.2Ah Operating temperature Specifiec operating temperature: -25??+55?? Limited operating temperature range: -40??+70? Relative humdity of operating environment (annual average) Less than 75%RH

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