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Added on : 2019-09-01 22:41:48
Suppliers : LOGIN (India)
Categories : Electrical and electronic components Renewable energy

AXIS an ISO9001 co is engaged in manufacturing and exports of wide range of Electrical components and fittings The products manufactured and supplied by AXIS are 1. Cable lugs-Copper / Aluminum / Bimetallic - 2. Mechanical Connectors 3. Brass Cable Tassels- 4. Ground rods - Copper Bonded / Pure Cu / SS / Galv Steel 5. Ground Clamps and accessories - 6. Exothermic weld mtl amd molds 7. Lightning protection fittings - 8. SS cable ties and tags 9. OH line Clamps and Connectors 10. LV & MV LINE HARDWARE 11. POLY MERIC INSULATORS 12. ARMAMENT All the above products are manufactured to international standards. Our products are exported 58 countries & growing. WWW.AXIS-INDIA Regards nimish@axis-india.com

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