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Solar Heating for Pool

Added on : 2015-04-24 08:41:44
Suppliers : LOGIN (Senegal)
Categories : Electrical and electronic components Hi-Fi and home appliances

It is complicated to enjoy your pool a few months of the year, its temperature does not exceed 20 °. Covering it at night allows you to limit temperature losses, but a few more degrees would be really nice. We offer a system directly connected to the existing filter circuit, the transfer of hot water is ensured by the normal pump, so that the heating does not involve additional electricity costs. The sensors are made of 100% ultra-stabilized polypropylene. They contain no glue and are fully welded. The surface of the sensors is black, matte, and finely fluted to absorb almost all of the solar energy (95% efficiency). FAFCO sensors have been recognized as the best in their class in many laboratory tests. The black color comes from a pigment specially prepared for these sensors and integrated

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