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Solar panel

Added on : 2015-04-24 08:12:43
Suppliers : LOGIN (Senegal)
Categories : Electrical and electronic components Electricity, Lighting Electricity, Power UPS, lighting

Faced with load shedding, we offer you a solar solution that will allow you to light up, to continue watching TV, and to surf the web ... These Kits are simple to use and can be connected to your existing Senelec installation and, in case of power failure, you can switch to the solar system with a manual switch. It can also be associated with a generator. A cost-effective, durable solution with no noises, odors and reduced maintenance. Main parameters: - System under 12 Volts DC / 220 Volts AC - Power of the modules: 240 Watts crest - Batteries: Victron Gel 110 amp X 12 Volts X 2 - Inverter: Victron 800 Va 12V / 220 V pure sinus Consumption references - 20 bulbs economic - 01 Television + decoder - 01 laptop + wifi - 02 Fans

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