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Steel Case IC Card Prepaid Gas Meter

Added on : 2015-10-28 00:09:11
Supplier : Zhejiang Chint Instrument & Me (China)
Renewable energy Electricity, Power UPS, lighting

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ZG1.6S-1 / ZG2.5S-1 / ZG4S-1 IC card prepaid steel case gas meter can accurately and accurately measure the flow rate of natural gas meter, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas pipe, marsh gas and so on. One card for one meter, it has various functions such as reminder, direct display and storage and protection. Key features: one card for one meter ensures consistence. Maximum permissible gas volume being able to be set, and easy to use, easy to use and easy to use. to be ordered illegal operation record

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type technical parameter ZG1.6S-1 ZG2.5S-1 ZG4S-1 Qn 1.6 m3//h 2.5 m3//h 4m3/h Qmax 2.5 m3//h 4m3/h 6m3/h Qmin 0.016 m3//h 0.025m3/h 0.04m3/h Cyclic volume 1.2 dm3 Operating pressure 0.5-50 KPa Total pressure loss less than 250Pa Error 0.1Qmax ?Q?Qmax ±1.5% Qmin?Q?0.1Qmax ±3% Max reading 99999.999 m3 Min reading 0.0002 m3 Static working voltage 20uA Maximum instantaneous current less than 300mA Impulse constant 0.1m3/impulse or 0.01 m3/impulse or photoelectron direct reading Central distance 130 110 90 Connection screw worm(D) M26x1.5-6g M30x2-6g G3/4B G1B G11/4B

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